Who We Are

Hirschberger is Portland’s leading custom sheet metal fabricator. We have earned the reputation as ‘Masters of Metal’ – creative visionaries, applying our exacting standards to all our customer’s metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing needs.

Our Products


There are no limits to what we can do together. After thousands of specialty orders across a range of industries, Hirschberger has become known to building and architecture clients in the Portland metro area for superior quality finished products, fair prices and great customer service. Hirschberger delivers a dynamic edge to: • hygienic stainless steel fabrication for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries • hollow metal doors, jambs and component parts • custom anodized aluminum flashing • concepts that utilize our in-house laser, water jet, or turret punch, sheer, press break and welding. • custom design and metal fabrication


DOOR JAMBS/FLASHING Finely crafted commercial and industrial door jambs are the answer for affordable rot-resistant door frames. We take meticulous care in our craftsmanship and design when fabricating door jambs and exterior flashing. Flashing can be made from various sheet metals.


WATER JET Utilizing an 8’ water jet, our precision computer-controlled water jet cutting machine gives us the versatility to meet your projects needs. With its ability to cut a diverse range of materials and thicknesses, our water jet machine provides the accuracy and detail required for any shape or size you need.


LASER Utilizing a 10’ laser cutting table, our precision computer-controlled laser cutting works with various materials. Our laser cutting table offers stable, high accuracy cutting along with the flexibility for small batch, high variation projects. We have the ability to provide repeatable and accurate jobs and meet your needs in a timely matter. Whether it's a simple blank or a job that requires intricate artwork and lettering, our laser allow us to process large production runs efficiently and get the finished product in your hands faster.

Services We Offer

Hirschberger strives to deliver precision products and services on time, on budget and with the highest quality. We work from project concept to completion to ensure expectations are met and exceeded. Quick turn-around times are our goal and a can-do attitude is what sets us apart.

Delivery Service - Tuesday’s and Thursday’s and by appointment the other days of the week.

Mission Statement

Hirschberger Masters of Metal creates, designs and manufactures superior quality metal fabricated products. We strive to grow our business with the same honesty, innovation and design integrity we use to craft our products.

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